List of Popular Professions for Girls

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Whom to be? This question excites girls already from grades 9-11 when they begin to think about their future. To give a definite answer to the question which professions are purely male and which are purely female is not so simple. If desired, the girl can choose for herself any profession that she would be interested in.

To master a prestigious profession, it is necessary to obtain knowledge and practical skills in the specialty. For this purpose, secondary specialized and higher institutions are best suited. Specialized courses can be a good alternative.

Having mastered the knowledge and skills of the profession, you can start compiling a portfolio and writing a resume. Then there will be a lot of interviews and work as a student, a low-paid intern for a probationary period.

TOP professions for girls

Travel agent or local guide

One of the most prestigious professions, allowing you to expand your horizons and learn business communication.

People increasingly prefer to vacation abroad, where both service and the service culture as a whole are better. Annually, according to statistics, more than 70% of British travel abroad for holidays. For this purpose, they turn to travel agencies and companies, so the demand for tour operators and guides is increasing every year.

The level of wages depends on many factors, including the professionalism and talent of the employee. Salary of travel agent or local guide – £30k per year.

Auditor, accountant, tax inspector, a bank employee

Knowledge of the laws of economics and the fundamentals of accounting is never superfluous not only in everyday life but also in professional activities. In a country where financial, economic and market relations exist, the prestige and relevance of these professions will always remain at a high level.

All document flow and financial flows pass through people of these specialties. Large companies, small companies cannot work without employees who professionally possess economic knowledge. The average wage of employees in the economic field (auditor, accountant, tax inspector) is £48k per year.

Lawyer or notary

Demanded professions in our time. “Ignorance of the laws does not exempt from liability.”

Legal experts are valuable employees whose services are well paid. The success of the company as a whole largely depends on the professionalism of their work.

Dealing with any disputed agreement, resolving issues in court, protecting the interests of the company, arranging documents, inheriting or owning property – this is an incomplete list of the obligations that lawyers face daily. What is the salary of a lawyer, notary, lawyer (for private lawyers – a fee) – £50k per year.

Journalist, TV presenter

An interesting profession, revealing great opportunities for you. People of this profession are recognizable and public, they are always surrounded by a lot of interesting people and events.

You can apply your knowledge:

  • on television,
  • radio stations,
  • on freelance.

The ability to express your thoughts beautifully and competently, correctly express oneself, and avoid conflict situations – all this can be learned in journalism. The average salary for a journalist is £48k per year. Besides, there is always a chance to go on a business trip abroad and combine a pleasant job with a wonderful vacation.


Good knowledge of a foreign language is:

  • private lessons,
  • simultaneous translations,
  • freelance translations.

The amount of your salary depends on your level of knowledge of a foreign language and, on average, is £31k per year.


A popular profession in the west. In our country, its popularity begins to gain momentum.

Psychologists are in demand in:

  • preschool and school institutions,
  • social and medical services,
  • in large enterprises and firms,
  • in private clinics.

A competent psychologist is in demand in any team. If there are people, then there are relationships, and the psychologist is the best bridge in relationships and conflict resolution. Over time, having experience of at least 5-7 years, you can open a private psychological office. How much does a psychologist get – £25k per year.

Sales Manager

The most popular specialty in the commercial sector. For a real good “salesman” you need:

  • to understand the product that he sells,
  • have the gift of persuasion and charisma,
  • understand human psychology and sales psychology,
  • be able to “extinguish” emotional outbreaks and conflicts.

How much does a sales manager earn? – £32k per year.

Fitness trainer, choreographer, choreographer

Energetic and physically healthy profession. People of these specialties love sports and combine work with health care. Good specialists are in demand in:

  • fitness clubs,
  • different sections,
  • entertainment complexes.

The trainer’s salary level largely depends on his skill and physical fitness and amounts to £16k per year.

Assistant secretary

The second person in the company after the leader. Impeccable knowledge of business etiquette and workflow makes the assistant secretary a visiting card of the company.

The main skills and responsibilities of the assistant secretary:

  • negotiation skills
  • manager’s working day planning,
  • work with incoming, outgoing correspondence.

The average salary for an assistant secretary is £21k per year.

Escort girl

Escort is associated with luxury and beautiful life, a variety of receptions in pairs, sometimes with intimate overtones. The very word “escort” came to us from the French language and in translation means the security escort of persons especially important for the state. In the modern society of our country, its significance has somewhat changed.

What are escort services? This is assistance in accompanying at various meetings and events to create an appropriate image of a client for a set fee.

The intermediary between the client and the escort companion is an agency represented by managers. They are the ones who find customers, negotiate terms, maintain a database of models, and are responsible for the financial side of the issue, security and privacy.

The average income of an escort blower in England on our vacancies starts at £46k per year.

Flight attendant

One of the most dangerous professions in the world. The requirements for personal health and appearance are the highest. Flight attendants with a chronic illness or temporary disruption of health are not allowed to fly. Pension for stewardess comes at 35 years old. The salary of a flight attendant depends on the distance of flights – £16k per year.

Freelance copywriter

The ability to earn money at home on a free schedule. It requires self-organization and discipline.

Independent search for customers on various exchanges, forums, through friends. A true freelancer combines several professions at the same time – a journalist, a manager, and a leader himself. Constant self-education and attending seminars necessary for professional growth.

A freelancer must be well versed in computer programs and have reliable access to the Internet. The freelancer determines the time and the amount of work for himself. Freelance copywriter earns £26k per year.

Hair stylist

Profession for talented and creative girls. Professional hairdressers, stylists have regular customers (s). Many hairdressers practice visiting the client at home, then the cost of the service increases significantly in price. Wedding, holiday hairstyles will cost the client a double or even triple rate. Hairdresser-stylist salary – £13k per year.

Nail technician

Specialist in female nails. Everything related to manicure and pedicure, nail extension and treatment is the work of a nail master. The cost of the nail master’s work largely depends on the requirements of the client and the time to complete the necessary procedures. Earnings for nail artists – £23k per year.


A good beautician can choose the right comprehensive body and face care. The resulting positive effect will make the client become a regular customer of the procedures from the master. Of great importance are the high level and professionalism of a specialist cosmetologist. The cost of services in beauty salons has a very significant “plug” and depends on many factors. Medical education for a cosmetologist is a prerequisite for official work. Beautician salary: £19k per year.

Call center operator

A girl with a soft and pleasant timbre of voice, who will politely and intelligibly help to deal with the current problem. Which of us did not contact the support service, making a purchase of goods or replenishing the phone? Hotlines operate around the clock. Psychologically difficult profession. The operator needs to receive more than a hundred calls per shift. When choosing this profession, make sure that you can communicate on the phone for a long time and not raise votes for the client, even if he is not right. The average salary of a call center operator is £20k ​​per year.

Nanny, governess, teacher

To give birth and raise children is the main purpose of a woman. Many are so addicted to this role that they make it their profession. The demand for women in these specialties is unlimited. Tutors and teachers are paid an order of magnitude more. The salary of a nanny, governess, a teacher is £18k per year.

Children’s event planner

Fun and very positive work. You will have to work here with large and noisy children’s companies. A good plus for you would be having experience working with children. The organizer of children’s parties earns about £24k per year.

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